I help individuals & teams live more successful, authentic and fulfilled lives.

"The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius
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If there is a gap between the life you want and the one you have, it’s good to know that positive change can be just a thought away.

How would you like to

  • Judge yourself less harshly?
  • Be able to stand up for yourself more?
  • Have a clearer picture as to where you are going with your life?
  • Be more creative and have more energy in your life?
  • Handle life’s ups and downs with more ease and flow?

With guidance and support, your internal Saboteurs, the parts of your mind that respond negatively to challenges and setbacks, producing feelings of stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, shame, guilt, and unhappiness, can be tamed and refocused.

I work with motivated individuals and teams, helping you to recognize your thoughts, understand how they influence your levels of energy, drive and happiness and, most importantly, how to actively direct your brain to choose the thoughts that will help you to live a more successful, authentic and fulfilled life at work and play.

As a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach™ and Organizational Development Facilitator, my work is a dynamic synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science. When you work with me, you’ll develop mastery over your own mind so you can reach your full potential.

Why settle for less than you are capable of? Let’s inspire and empower you for more!

My new Spiral Up!™ program for individuals and teams is a 12-week Mental Muscle building program, that combines the applications of Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness with bespoke follow-up sessions to build resilience and enhance our capacity to respond based on our inner wisdom, the Sage.

Start the New Year with a new set of tools and a fresh mindset!  Because you ARE worth it!  New Cohort starting the week of January 10, 2022.


What people are saying

“Anita is an outstanding group coach. During each workshop or bootcamp Anita creates a safe, warm and inspiring environment, where the group can thrive and the people in it are boosted to share insights and to grow. I know Anita for almost a decade now and I feel very grateful each time our paths cross!”

Heidi de Maeyer

Change Manager, Bpost

“Recently I participated in Anita’s Badass Bootcamp for Women and emerged with a clearer picture of my life goals and the conviction that no real barriers to achieving them exist. Anita is a perceptive and skillful facilitator. I recommend Anita to any individual (or organization) considering whether the right coach might make all the difference.”

Mary Ellen Matthews

Project Lead, Cloud Platform Information Engineering, Teradata

“Anita is naturally empathic. A good listener and a true inspiration for self-improvement and growth. Anita inclusively leads seminars on empowering women to re-discover their real value and self-worth. I truly recommend working with her on personal growth and development.

Blaga Popova

Team Leader - food policy and trade negotiations, EUCommission

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I have a dream!

My dream is of a world where everyone knows his or her intrinsic self-worth and becomes an unconditional friend to him or herself.
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