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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jordan, American Basketball Player

Success comes from a strong, committed team

A good team is the foundation for any high-performing business. I believe a good team is one that is made up of individuals who:

  • Know their worth
  • Are focused on adding value
  • Have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the vision of an organisation
  • Appreciate and leverage the skills and perspectives of difference teammates

But this is not always an easy task, especially in times of uncertainty and challenge.

Fortunately, the research of Shirzad Chamine, the founder of the Positive Intelligence Foundation in New York discovered the X-Factor in performance and happiness – a measure he calls your PQ.

Shirzad’s research included:

  • hundreds of CEOs
  • sales, operations, and technology teams
  • Stanford students
  • elite athletes
  • 400,000 participants from 50 countries

Three core components for enduring success

The research revealed 3 core muscles that are at the core of mental fitness and high PQ, which in turn, facilitates strong teamwork. As a Certified PQ Coach, I bring these powerful insights into the heart of my work with teams as we work to lift performance and happiness.

Saboteurs Interceptor Muscle

Your “Saboteurs” are responsible for creating all the negative emotions that can derail teamwork –  stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, avoidance, procrastination, insensitivity or discontent. When you work with PQ in the Spiral UP for Teams Program, you learn how to intercept and dispel the saboteurs.

Sage Muscle

Your “Sage” is the part of you that manages challenges with a clear and calm mind, aided by positive emotions. When you are connected to your internal Sage perspective, you have access to the power emotions:

  1. Empathize
  2. Explore
  3. Innovate
  4. Navigate
  5. Activate

To enhance peak performance, team members will learn to boost all 5 and know when to use which power in a situation.

Self-Command Muscle

It can be a shock to learn that you’re not in full command of your mind at all times! If you were, you could silence the Saboteurs, proactively choosing to not stress over what you can’t control, to push away self-doubt, to quickly bounce back from disappointments and not waste time with anger, regret, or blame.

But we’re human. And that means our emotions can exert enormous unconscious influence over us, diverting our attention, focus and energy.

In short, we can spend large amounts of time on the things that don’t enhance our performance or see us achieving our work and life goals. If you’ve been in a team where an individual, or more, are diverted in this way, it’s easy to understand how teams can be dysfunctional as a result.

Sad Woman
Happy Woman

What’s the solution?

The Spiral Up!™ for Teams Program is a unique blend of insight, vision and action, tailored to your organization.

Over a 6 week period, we work together on the Mental Fitness of each team member focusing on developing the three core muscles that free your staff to focus, collaborate and succeed.

A combination of coaching and video training, with access to the PQ App where team members can practice their skills, the results from similar PQ programs reported by certified coaches have been significant.


  • At MetLife, trained salespeople outsold the control group by 37%
    Motorola recorded improved productivity in 93% of trained employees
  • In a UK restaurant group, higher competency resulted in 34% greater profit growth
  • At Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceutical, the average salesperson with improved competency sold $55,200 more per month
  • At L’Oreal, strength in these competencies resulted in $91,370 increase per sales person
  • At CIBC, strength in these competencies account for 32% of booked sales and 71% of pipeline sales

What will you get out of it?

An enduring ability for every member of your team to Spiral UP!

Step One: I’m inviting you to have a conversation to see how the program can transform your workplace. Please put your email address below.

Step Two: You’ll receive a confirmation email and an awareness exercise to complete that will help make our initial conversation even more valuable for you.

See you on the call – I cannot wait to support you to Spiral Up!

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What people are saying

“Anita is an outstanding group coach. During each workshop or bootcamp Anita creates a safe, warm and inspiring environment, where the group can thrive and the people in it are boosted to share insights and to grow. I know Anita for almost a decade now and I feel very grateful each time our paths cross!”

Heidi de Maeyer

Change Manager, Bpost

“Recently I participated in Anita’s Badass Bootcamp for Women and emerged with a clearer picture of my life goals and the conviction that no real barriers to achieving them exist. Anita is a perceptive and skillful facilitator. I recommend Anita to any individual (or organization) considering whether the right coach might make all the difference.”

Mary Ellen Matthews

Project Lead, Cloud Platform Information Engineering, Teradata

“Anita is naturally empathic. A good listener and a true inspiration for self-improvement and growth. Anita inclusively leads seminars on empowering women to re-discover their real value and self-worth. I truly recommend working with her on personal growth and development.

Blaga Popova

Team Leader - food policy and trade negotiations, EUCommission